this is a product review and comes highly recommended
Ben has always been a Huggies® baby. For a number of reasons. He’s super duper HUGGABLE and Huggies® keeps him that way and when he first arrived and my dear friend Nicky arranged a twitter baby shower, Huggies® kindly delivered loads and loads of poo-catchers. 
And now that he’s growing up, it’s still Huggies® all the way. He’s a wriggly, crawly, can’t-won’t-keep-still kind of a baby and it’s impossible getting a new nappy on or off him. Especially if something catches his attention. Nappy time was mayhem time with Ben squealing and crawling off as fast as he possibly could, surprisingly fast and Emma joining in, yelling and screaming for him to come back, get away as fast as he can, lie still, move move move!
Whether crawling, walking, chilling by the pool or just relaxing Ben doesn’t like nappy changing time. Until we discovered Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy Pants. Now I can change his nappy while he’s lying down, standing up, hanging in the air or upside down. The unique patented re-sealable sides open and close making it easy to put the nappy on and take it off and check whether a new change is needed. The super stretchy waistband makes pulling the nappy up and down easy and comfortable too. And you won’t need to worry about any leaks as the Huggies® Gold Slip-Ons are as absorbent as your regular Huggies® Gold nappy.  In addition there are beautiful Disney© graphics on the front and back of the nappy which your baby will be sure to love. 

Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy pants are available in three sizes – size 4 (9 – 14kgs), size 5 (14 – 18kgs) and size 6 (17kgs or more). 

Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy Pants is giving away 2 hampers that will keep any active baby busy.  The hamper includes Clamber Club Items such as a soft toy, a set of books, a lunch box and water bottle as well as a voucher to attend a Clamber Club lesson.  In addition, moms will receive two packets of Huggies® Gold Slip-Ons to try as well as Huggies® Aloe Wipes.

All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is add a caption for this pic. Best two win the hampers!


31 thoughts on “Caption this pic and win with Huggies

  1. “Ch-ch-ch-chilling like a b-b-b-boss!”

    (Re-looking at the photo, I'm now thinking maybe he's not cold after all but that little mouth made me think brrrrr haha)

  2. Whether I am lying down, standing up, hanging in the air or upside down, mum always manages to change my nappy within a minute or two. These unique resealable sides really do make nappy changes quick & easy, so that I have more time to relax by this stunning pool!

  3. These Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy Pants really are comfortable. Thank you Huggies® Gold, for making various sizes in the Slip-on nappy pants. The size 5 is my perfect fit & is easy to take off & put on between my swimming lessons!

  4. Easy to open, resealable soft & stretchy sides. Shaped like underwear, absorbs like a regular nappy & it comes in my size too!! I've got nothing else to worry about, as I relax here in this sun! Huggies® Gold, you guys really have everything 'COVERED'

  5. Its tough being this young
    But boy am i glad spring has sprung
    I get to lounge around by the pool all day
    Keeping my cool and the girls at bay

    Making shapes out of the clouds in the sky
    Im a big boy now, and we dont cry
    If i feel like it maybe I'll go for a dip
    Mom, please remember to bring along my play ship

    But for now im just going to soak up the sun
    Thanks for coming along, its been fun.

    Adele Va

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