Recently Celeste over at Reluctant Mom wrote a post as a follow up to an article posted on News24. As I read the article tears welled up and I thought how senseless and how very sad. I immediately wanted to give my opinion on how stupid the mother was to not have had her baby in a car seat, how a simple ‘click’ could have avoided this tragedy but I figured that this is a lesson that Yanne Weng will never forget
She also did a post aimed at all the idiot parents who are too lazy or too stupid to buckle their kids up, simply called You are the adult…buckle up your child…you dumb ass! I trembled as I read it. You see, Celeste is a ‘shoots straight from the hip’ kinda girl, which I love, unless it’s me on the receiving end of the barrel.  
With these posts still fresh in my mind, I was driving home when I heard an ad on 94.7 Highveld Stereo about Car Seats for Kids. My ears pricked up and I immediately wanted to get involved. And the great news is it isn’t difficult to.
Inspired by Lead SA, 94.7 Highveld Stereo in partnership with IMPERIAL’s I-Pledge road safety initiative has chosen to highlight the importance of child safety during Octobers Transport Month.

Hosted by the Breakfast Xpress and IMPERIAL I-Pledge, this campaign encourages all listeners as well as each and every road user to heed the call of donating their unused car seats toward giving a child the gift of safety. Darren Simpson of the Breakfast Xpress has appealed to all to support this initiative. As a new dad to a healthy baby boy, Simpson recognizes the responsibility of all parents toward child safety at large. 

In the efforts of bringing about road safety awareness, and creating positive change, all donated car seats will be distributed to all who are in need of these seats for their kids. With the well-being of our children at the forefront of this campaign, the car seats will be re-upholstered, safety checked and cleaned before distribution to ensure that is user friendly and defect free.

The Breakfast Xpress Ground Patrol team will be collecting the car seats at the following drop off points:

Friday, October 05, 2012, 10h00- 13h00: Coachman’s Crossing
But if you miss this drop off tomorrow just send a mail to ask where other collection or drop off points are.

As far as the I-Pledge goes, over 77 000 South Africans have taken the IMPERIAL I-Pledge as their personal commitment to making a positive change in how they use the roads, share it with others and bring about an improvement in road safety.

IMPERIAL calls on each and every road user – whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian, a trucker, a biker or a cyclist, a child or an adult – to take the I-Pledge.

You can also follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Safer roads start with you.

So my I-Pledges are as follows:
I will not tweet, sms, instagram, Facebook or answer my cellphone while driving

I will not close my eyes while singing to my favourite song on Highveld 94.7

I will not allow myself to be distracted by cool Mini Coopers, billboards or adverts while driving

Emma’s I-Pledges are:
I will not distract my mom while she’s driving

I will not tell her to wave her arms in the air or shake her head while our favourite song plays on Highveld 94.7

I will not tell my mom to look at the big balloon, the cranes, the airplane or any other UFO while she’s driving

I will not screech unexpectedly from the back of the car

I will always sit in my car seat

For  more information on how you can make a difference, visit Highveld’s website



One thought on “iPledge to not be an idiot and to make a difference

  1. What a great initiative. I understand that unfortunately a large portion of vehicle accident fatalities in children are in taxis and buses. Does anyone have any great ideas as to how this can be changed? And I still don't understand why there aren't seatbelts in buses.

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