This is a product review and Ben is one happy customer

I’m one of those people who if their head wasn’t screwed on properly Id’ lose it. Several times in a day. I lose things all the time. My lighter, my sense of humor and my mind. I also lose Ben’s favourite sleep time fluffy bear and his dummy. Normally when I need it the most.

And then I got an email from the lovely Melinda at Queck Baby. She must be lovely if she’s a Melinda, right? Melinda asked me if I would like to review any products from her amazing range of baby things so I popped on over to the website to see what would work for me right now, with a toddler and a baby.

Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision. With the most beautiful range of goodies I battled to choose something. From gorgeous Moccis that all the cool kids are wearing, to Chewbeads that all the teething tots are chewing. There’s also the Magnificent Range of baby onesies and bibs and the Diapees and Wipees Hipster bags.

But I have to say when I saw little BinkiBear I was in love, and I knew Little Ben would be too. I also chose the Hevea Pacifier, knowing the two would work well together.
BinkiBear is a baby safe teddy bear that securely holds baby’s pacifier. This cute little guy securely  holds your child’s pacifier to prevent them from dropping it and losing it, without extra pieces that would be uncomfy for baby to cuddle when the pacifier is not on the bear, meaning baby can find and replace the pacifier during the day and during sleep without waking you up!

BinkiBear helps Ben sooth himself to sleep at night. He’s got his dummy and his bear! What more could he possibly need.  Of course I don’t need to rummage around in the dark for a teeny tiny dummy because I’m now looking for a bigger bear and I never lose Binki or dummy when we’re out.

Ben took to the Hevea dummy too. Normally introducing a new pacifier takes a day or two. I’m not sure if it’s the shape, the ‘taste’ or if Ben’s just messing with me, but he was content to suck on it, chew on it (thank goodness it’s really strong) and stare at it lovingly.

Thank you Melinda, from Melinda. For these gorgeous goodies. Ben is loving his Binki and dummy and I’m loving the fact that it’s one thing less for me to lose xxx


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