In my mind baby Ben arrived in our hearts and home just the other day, but like a little flower he is blossoming into the most beautiful baby boy. At just 8 months old, he has already made an everlasting impression in the lives of those people he’s met.

Emma adores him and I think she is without a doubt, the best big sister ever. When Ben first showed signs of crawling, she happily got on all fours with him and ‘showed’ him how to do it. She now encourages him, though I think she might do better motivating a puppy with her whistles and patting her knees.

Ben’s best buddies at the moment, possibly because he’s the same height as them, are our four pooches. Two are fine with him but the other two are rather grumpy. Especially when he tries to steal their food.

I we are loving Ben at the moment. He is a gurgly bundle of gob, with two teeth already out and some more on the way. He laughs from the inside of his belly all the way to the top of his head and there’s no one who makes him laugh more than Emma. And of course she’s more than happy to be the jester. Though dad’s a close second…

Can you spot the difference?


2 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Hi there! Just dropping by to say hello! Found you at MM's and thought I'd visit your blog. Time flies so quick, doesn't it? I keep asking myself the same thing every time I look at my little bean (who's now almost 2!!). Just got to treasure all the little moments and keep them safe in our hearts! xx Donah @

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