a little easier with clothing donations to desperate local community

I love being able to help wherever I can when it comes to making someone’s life a little better, a little brighter. And even more so since Emma and Ben came into our lives. We are so blessed, our proverbial cup runneth over and the least I can do is pay it forward.
Bringing just a little of the love that makes the world go round to the Cape Flats, the Naartjie Love Foundation is launching a countrywide initiative donating used clothing brought in by customers to the Blikkiesdorp Charity – and “rewarding” the donation of each item with a five percent discount voucher. 


In the context of the initiative, customers are encouraged to bring in items of wearable second hand children’s clothing (not necessarily Naartjie clothes). Each item of clothing will “earn” a 5% discount voucher that can be used on the donor’s next Naartjie Kids purchase. Donors can bring in as many items as they like, but they may only use up to 25 percent of the vouchers on any one purchase.
I know that with Ben and Emma growing so quickly, there’s always piles of clothes that no longer fit. So guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend? Hope you’ll join in too, because the greatest GIVERS are the greatest GETTERS!


All clothing donations must be put in massive branded Naartjie clothing 4 Kids bins located in every one of Naartjie’s 27 stores throughout SA from Thursday, September 27 through October 25, 2012.

Clothing will be sorted and donated to the very needy Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area in Delft, Cape Town, better known by its nickname Blikkiesdorp – a relocation camp made-up of corrugated iron shacks. Compared to a concentration camp by residents and in both the national and international media, Blikkiesdorp has become well-known for its substandard living conditions, and extremely hot or cold, windy and sandy living environment.


This is exactly in line with the Naartjie Love Foundation philosophy, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children throughout South Africa.

Naartjie Kids Marketing Manager and chairperson of the Naartjie Love Foundation, Esperanza Louw, said, “Our mission is to bring lasting and positive change to disadvantaged children with the emphasis on both their primary needs, including their absolute safety, and on their education and loving care. We hope that the children of Blikkiesdorp touched by the Naartjie Love Foundation’s efforts will regain a sense of self-worth and in turn enjoy a brighter future.”






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