I have a few tattoos. Six to be exact. And each one means something to me.

But my most recent one is the most special. It simply reads ‘Emma & Ben’ across my wrist.

The reason is simple. I will always be their mom. No matter what happens, this will never change.

I’ve been a student, a Marketing Assistant, a fiancé, a wife, an ex-wife, a fiancé again and a wife again. I’ve been a PR Manager, a freelancer, an
Account Manager and unemployed. These titles are all fluid. They have changed and chances are they will again.

I’ve been called loose and frigid. I’ve been called a prude and foul-mouthed. To my face. Heaven knows what I’ve been called behind my back.

I’ve been overweight and underweight. Happy, sad, very happy and very sad. I’ve been on the brink of extreme happiness and at the edge of absolute darkness.

But one thing in my life will always remain a constant. For as long as the ink is on my wrist, and the blood runs through my veins, that is how long I will be Emma and Ben’s mom. And even thereafter.


One thought on “Sign your name across my heart

  1. That is a seriously pretty tattoo. I am so “kleinseerig” and have never considered a tattoo but this has made me want to get a “Scarlett” tattoo.x

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