Tweeting frantically cos I was lost on my way to the Huggies Momville launch, I realised that I have the support of other moms, even though I’m not always aware of it. Moms in the know tweeted back with directions. Others promised to get me enormous amounts of coffee and cake. Some just encouraged me to keep going. All via Twitter. And this sums up Momville. A community of moms, all making our way in this jungle called motherhood.

Just like the tweets I got that day, we might not all have the answers (though there are some very smart moms who have gotten me through teething, sleepless nights and constipation) but we’re all in it together.

Once there, via a few detours, which even had Emma telling the security guard that she’s very irritated, it was awesome to see so many moms. New mommies, second time around new mommies to be, third time around new mommies to be, old and new friends. It’s at get-togethers like these that I realise how many friends I have and how much they have helped me through my two adoptions.

Great fun was had by all, with games for moms and child minders for the kiddies. There was lots of chatting done and even more ‘oooohing and aaaaaahing’ over the gorgeous babies and toddlers who were there.

We also had to leave a little message to new and expecting moms, something we wish we had been told. On the day I couldn’t think of anything, but then I found this quote by the wisest sage I know, Winnie the Pooh, and I can’t think of advice more fitting for moms, old and new…

Sign up with Momville and be a part of a community where your your best is good enough and your worst is forgiven…


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