What happens on the playground stays on the playground

A scraped knee doesn’t hurt as much as a broken heart

Like a scraped knee a broken heart heals

Follow your dreams cos they aren’t gonna follow you

Never ever leave vegetables til last on your plate

You will turn into me someday

You are as beautiful, as smart, as funny as you think you are

No matter what the magazines tell you you are beautiful

Never dumb yourself down for a man

Unless you’re a princess locked in a tower you do not need to be rescued by a man

Try everything once. Except an ‘Abraham Lincoln’

Unless you’re the perfect child I can’t be the perfect mother

Laugh til you cry. Cry til you laugh

Always make sure your standards are higher than your heels

There is no such thing as too much imagination. Or coffee

Be kind to people and you’ll be people’s kind of person

Let the only false thing about you be your nails

There is such a thing as too much blue eyeshadow

Do who you love and love who you do


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