I’ve been a little slow on the social networks this week thanks to Ben. Every time I’ve wanted to check my timeline I am called away by a baby who has no words but certainly has the vocal chords. And so sometime midweek when I got a chance to catch up with the twats on Twitter I was a little confused by all the white people threatening to boycott Woolies, their go to store for yummy meals and so much more.

After a little investigation, i.e. checking out why the store was trending, I realized that the anti apartheid pre apartheid pro apartheid post apartheid suburban mom and dads had held a kangaroo court, found Woolies guilty of reverse racism and had served mob justice by tweeting, sub tweeting and RT’ing Woolies to death.

Why all the frantic index finger typing on iPhones and iPads? Well, it appears that Woolworths is not quite as white as their ready cooked rice or the icing sprinkled over the freshly made donuts.

Apparently the housewife’s darling is guilty of advertising positions to Black African candidates ONLY! What! Woolworths does this? Along with the other gazillion companies in SA? No, not our family store! Doesn’t the ‘w’ in Woolworths stand for ‘white’?

Whoever the Rip Van Winkle is who only recently woke up to life in SA and discovered that companies employ, train and promote staff in accordance with BEE ratings and scores, is in for a rude awakening. I’ve entered job interviews apologizing for being white and female. I’ve sat in on senior meetings where a CEO has said, loudly and proudly, that there are too many white people in management. I have listened to HR people score staff according to their EE requirements. Apparently black females in a corporate environment are highly sought after. Add ‘manager’ to that and you’ve hit gold.

Late yesterday afternoon I received a mail from the CEO of Woolworths explaining their recruitment policies and procedures, and while I appreciated it, I really didn’t feel it was necessary.

Woolworths is one of the very few companies that walk the talk as far as I’m concerned. They employ and empower deaf staff (am I allowed to use the word ‘deaf’), they ‘green’ our environment and contribute to communities in need.

So for now, while suburban moms throw their organic cappuccinos in the bin in protest, leaving the queues shorter, I will still support a Woolworths near me.


3 thoughts on “Is Woolworths no longer Whiteworths?

  1. Truth be known I would boycott pretty much EVERYTHING in the world before I'd boycott woolies even if they denied access to whites and took a 'blacks only' door policy I'd probably buy some shoe polish… my guess is that most of those protesting feel pretty much the same way and wouldn't last more than a week without the convenience of woolies… 😉

  2. I want the boy-cotters to boycott all businesses with similar policies: that would be anything with more than 50 employees.
    I have been on the receiving end of job hunting in a BEE world, and I support BEE and EE. Things need to change in SA. We have 40% unemployment. In a fair country we would have 40% across all racial groups (ie: 40% whites unemployed too).

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