The fast paced lifestyle of Jhb and life in general gets my head a-spinning sometimes that I don’t know if I’m coming or going, whether I’m Arthur or Marthur or what day of the week it is. And that’s when I thank all that is good in the world for Twitter.

I mean, how else would in know it was Monday if it wasn’t for all those informative tweets. Some twits are excited about the new week, with blessings and good wishes in abundance. Others rue the passing of the weekend and bemoan the start of a new week and others simply let me know it’s Monday with a ‘it’s Monday tweeps’.

Lest you forget where you are and what day of the week it it is, don’t stress, because someone in your timeline will wish you a happy Tuesday, comment on how quickly Monday went by and question whether it’s Tuesday ALREADY.

Wednesday arrives with ‘Happy Humpday’ wishes and more people waxing lyrical about how quickly the week is passing and that it’s now only two days to go until the weekend. Thursday sees ‘tweeps’ looking back at the week with nostalgia. How much wasn’t done, and what still needs to be done before the weekend can truly be enjoyed. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, thousands of people will tell you to get out there and ‘phuza’ it up because it’s Thursday night.

Friday sees jubilation across the twitterverse again with cheers of ‘yay yay it’s Friday!’ and ‘TGIF’s’. And the cynical few might already start complaining how short the weekend will be and how quickly Monday will be here.

Should you live in a house with no windows or, say, in an underground bunker, you’ll be well served to follow the more savvy twitterer who is able to fill you in on complex social, political and environmental issues, like it’s raining.


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