Today was just one of those days. It was a Monday. It was a rush through traffic on the highway kinda day and need hairs on your teeth, chest and nipples to survive CBD traffic day.

It was a day where Ben needed to get his vaccination done and a whole of to do lists to be made up day. It was a rush back home, grab Emma from school, travel along William Nicol to get her to the dentist day. And then it was a pop into a well known food store to spend R2000 on groceries day

All in all it wasn’t a great day and I think by the time I got home there might have been a few new frown lines. I looked stressed and bothered enough for Mark to ask Emma if she had told me how much she loves me today.

Emma started with “I love you more than the stars in the sky!” and then compared her love for me to the circumference of an elephant’s bum.

Mark threw in a ‘more than all the sand on a beach’ and ‘all the fish in the sea’. Emma topped it with an ‘all the stars in the sky’ and ‘the feathers on a bird’.

Emma agreed that she loved me ‘more than dad farts’ but the one that got her nodding her head furiously was ‘love you more than dad’s farts stink!’

And just like that my Monday was made and didn’t seem as bad anymore.


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