Forget Superman exiting a phone booth in his all super-hero finery. Bah to Batman in his too-tight vest and skinny tights. Cat Woman, Robin, The Joker, The Hulk and Raboobie Spiderman have nothing on this Super Mom!

Harassed Mom is taking over the world, one mommy blogger at a time, and I for one am super proud and super impressed. I’m not sure how, in amongst all she has to do, she had the time to set this all up, but she did.

So here goes Mommy Bloggers and friends of Mommy Blogs

  • You, as the reader, nominate a Mom Blogger by sending Harassed Mom an email on why you feel she deserves to win. No essays necessary – just a few lines on why you enjoy her blog, what makes her special to you etc.
  • The list will then be narrowed down to 5 finalists – the decision will not be based on who got the most nominations but rather what was said about them.
  • Once 5 finalists have been chosen it will then be put to a vote.
  • Nominations accepted until 10 August.
  • The finalists will be announced on the 13 August when voting opens and it will stay open until Friday the 17th August.
  • There will be a winner plus 2 “runners up”

The rules are simple.

  • The nominated blogger must be a mom.
  • She must blog at least twice a week.
  • She must be South African.
  • The blog must be a personal blog.

Even as I type this I’m tipping my hat and giving kudos to Harassed Mom. Well done Super Mom. You’re my Super Hero


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