Emma’s principal is absolutely amazing and so are her teachers. They are aware of everything going on in the kiddies’ lives and make sure to bring any concerns to the parents attention. Like when they picked up Emma wasn’t hearing certain sounds. They chatted to me, without raising major alarm, stating the facts, giving the possible scenarios and also giving suggested solutions.

And once again they have gone way beyond the call of duty with my recent concern. Giving me daily updates on Emma’s behaviour at school, I know that my little girl is loved and taken care of. At school she is happy and fun loving. She has all her friends and she adores her teachers.

Having just put the phone down after another chat with Teacher H, she has put my mind at rest. I’m still taking Emma to the paed, because I’d rather be safe than sorry BUT I think there’s a very good chance Emma has worms.

According to Your Parenting,  symptoms include loss of appetite, swollen and painful abdomen, coughing, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, paleness, tiredness, disturbed sleep (insomnia), itchy anus, mucus or blood in stool, skin rash, swelling around the eyes and generally feeling unwell. Some mothers have also noticed that their children seem to pick their noses (a lot more than usual) and also scratch their front bits (a lot more than usual). There’s a strong possibility that toddlers will be more emotional than normal, more irritable and generally ‘out of sorts’.

A doctor can advise you on an appropriate and effective anti-parasitic medication to kill off the worms. To prevent reinfection, this treatment should be repeated once a year or every six months depending on the severity of the problem. Pets should also be treated.

Thank you Teacher H for always taking the time to chat with me, patiently listen to me and advise me on the best routes to take.

Next up, we’re tackling Ben’s sleep (or lack thereof) issues, together.


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