I’m not quite sure if there’s degrees of parenting. Can there be a good, better and best mom? Are there bad, badder and baddest parents walking around?

What makes a good parent different from a bad one? Shouting, screaming, spanking, locking up in bathrooms vs. playing, hugs and cuddles, smooches, sharing bath time, story time and spending every free moment of time together?

Surely those are extremes? What if there’s a middle ground where a parent disciplines a child with the thinking chair but still plays games. Where a naughty toddler is ignored for a few minutes while they throw a temper tantrum but bath time is still fun time. I’m that parent. But what maybe tilts the scales a little more towards bad parent is how disorganised I am.

I am THAT parent that drops Emma off at school on a holiday. I’m THAT parent that forgets to send my little to school with a thingymajig for ‘show and tell’. Though on one occasion I remembered and found a replacement thingymajig because Emma wanted to take Ben. I’m THAT parent that needs a reminder email about sending money with Emma for their school outing.

Yes, I’m THAT parent that forgets to RSVP for parties and if I do I invariably forget about the party on the day. I forget to pack Emma’s painting t-shirt in her bag (more effective than an apron), or fill her water bottle in the mornings. I try and squeeze her into broekies and a swimming costume that no longer fit because I’ve forgotten that I bought new ones. I forgot to give Emma fruit or food for Nelson Mandela’s birthday (in fact I forgot it was his birthday) and I keep forgetting to keep veggie cuttings for the residential rabbits at her school.

And today I realised just how bad I am. On Emma’s school’s Facebook page a mommy posted saying that she was still awaiting a few RSVP’s from the toddler class for her little boy’s party. Oh crap! I thought I don’t remember seeing an invitation. Oh bigger CRAP! I don’t know whether Emma’s in the toddler class or not!


3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m THAT mother…

  1. WE could be twins! Kid you not. In an effort to keep 3 kids' stuff organized as well as the social life of 5 people I have bought one of those ugly wall calenders with white board markers and everything gets written on that. Only way I will ever forget.

    And wait unitl they get to grade 1! Le sigh

  2. Thanks for a good laugh! I'm also THAT parent at times.I recently forgot that it was a pyjama party/picnic at school. The maid had to remind me because she, unlike me, had actually read Elam's school book the previous evening (and all the evenings of that week) that kept Reminding parents about the pyjama party/picnic! *hides face!* Needless to say, my baby's “picnic basket” was a green woolies plastic bag.

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