I’ve been following The Honest Toddler on Twitter. I look forward to the wise and witty observations of a toddler in a toddler world and today Robyn Addinall brightened up my entire day on  Parent24.

Like Robyn says, he’s hardcore, he’s hilarious and as his Twitter bio says, he’s “Not potty trained. Not trying.” He’s not afraid to tell it like it is and everything from Pinterest to Instagram gets slammed.Below are just a few of The Honest Toddler’s tweets

1. Lady at the park is telling everyone she has a baby in her tummy. Like eating children is something to be proud of.

2. Daddy needs to understand that what mommy and I have is special. You had some kind of ceremony? Cute. We’re blood related. #BOOM

3. Aw this kid at the park wants a piece of my muffin. Maybe mama can cut it in half so I can EAT BOTH PORTIONS THIS AIN’T NO SOUP KITCHEN

4. “Oh well. Failed again at going to bed at a reasonable time. May as well FB/Tweet/Pin until 1AM. There’s always coffee.” -All the parents

5. Dear Toddler Clothing Manufacturers, WE HAVE BIG HEADS.

6. Mama just complained about her tummy. Dada suggested exercise. It was nice knowing him.

7. Sitting on the couch with no pants on, sippin’ on apple juice. Laaaaaid baaaack. With my mind on my Elmo and my Elmo on my mind.

8. You want to stay up until past midnight? That’s your choice. See you at dawn. – Every Toddler

9. When their words say “goodnight” but their tone says “Don’t call me in here again. I’m done parenting for the day.” #toddlerproblems

10. Learned from my parents that if you exercise, you must immediately tell Facebook. It’s the law.

Do yourselves a favour and follow this little guy. He’ll brighten up your day! Pinky swear!


3 thoughts on “The Honest Toddler

  1. I've been following him for a while, since Tanya (Rattle & Mum) retweeted him a couple of times. Brilliant!

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