I’m always looking for snacky things to put in Emma’s lunchbox for variety, to liven it up a bit. There’s nothing worse than getting a polony sandwich for an entire term or while stocks last. So on the weekend I found a pack of animal shaped biscuits from Cadbury. They’re individual packets, the perfect size for a lunch box and quite moreish…

Exhibit A

Last night, or rather early hours of the morning, Ben had me up for two solid hours. Eventually he fell back to sleep but I was wide awake and in need of a cup of tea and a snack. Off I went to the kitchen, made myself a cuppa relaxation and grabbed four animal shaped biscuits off the counter. There I sat, in the dark, munching on my treats and sipping my tea. The biscuits tasted different to what I had expected, but I reasoned, they’re for kiddies so they’re going to taste a bit different. Right?

Cue to this morning when everyone was up and about. I heard Mark asking our Manager of Home Affairs if she had seen the biscuits on the counter. “No!” was the reply. Mark had a rather puzzled look on his face. “Would a rat climb up and eat all four biscuits? Not leaving even a crumb behind?” he mused. “I mean there’s no way the dogs would have jumped onto the counter to get them…”

“Angel!” he called to me, “Did you see the biscuits on the counter? Did you give them to the dogs?”

“Love, why would I give them to the dogs?”

“Um, because they’re dog biscuits!”


Exhibit B


3 thoughts on “Biscuit Schmiscuit or A Snack By Any Other Name

  1. LOL – I've always wanted to know what the dog biscuits taste like and whether there is a difference between chicken and beef flavors. Don't know which you tried, but perhaps you could try the other one tonight 🙂 Then the challenge is to please describe the flavor to us mere humans. Nikki

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