Imagine if each South African had an extra hour in their day.

Mandela Day is just around the corner and chances are you’re wondering you can make a difference in the lives of those around you. Well, Jungle Oats is giving you the chance to do just that.

Imagine, if you will, that each South African had an extra hour in a day. That’s a potential 52 million extra hours in one day. Imagine the difference and positive change we could all make in our lives, the lives of others and our communities. That’s why Jungle Oats created the  Jungle One Hour Project. 

The thinking’s simple. What’s the point of having energy when you’re not going to use it to do something inspiring and extraordinary with it? Register on the  One Hour Project website with your Facebook account details, load your One Hour Project, earn points, and the higher you climb up the leader board, the more chance you stand of winning exciting monthly Jungle product hampers and the Grand prize of R20 000.
Two readers of Diaries of a White Mom Raising a Black Baby can each win R1000 to get their project off the ground. It’s easy. Tell us what your hour would be used for and you could win…as easy as that
PS – Congratulations to Soweto Hair and Beauty who have won a Jungle product hamper just for participating in the Jungle One Hour Project. They want to use their Jungle One Hour to start an art gallery- first of its kind in Soweto. This will be a tourist attraction, and they would like to draw art of inspiring people of mzansi, past, present and future.



12 thoughts on “Win R1000 for your Jungle One Hour Project

  1. I live in Paternoster, a beautiful fishing village about an hour from Cape Town. This village is now a booming holiday town but it has a community of locals who are really struggling. In Paternoster we have a daycare that is mainly run on donations. The monthly fee is R80 for a child staying full day with meals included. I would use my hour to clean it up and if I were to win the R1000 voucher I would go and buy some blankets and other essentials needed as it is very cold up here at the moment. I already donate all of our old toys and clothes to this creche and make sure that they have movies for the older kids to watch.

  2. Hi Melinda
    I am not going to be here on Mandela Day and was racking my brain as how to get involved. I can't even attend our office participation of cleaning up a library in Westonarea…
    But I know of a lady here at the office, one of our cleaning ladies, that is really struggling to make ends meet. She has children and grandchildren depending on her. She has health issues and it sounds to me like her heart. The clinic only gave her two pills for pain on Friday (?)
    I would love to make her life more bearable, if only for a day, by donating the R1000 to her. She is one of the mothers of our country.
    Surely we should help the people closest to us!

    Off to sign up on Facebook…

  3. I saw a woman raising her kids on the street and I just got sad. There is so many of those kinds of people here in south africa. They teach their kids to beg and I dont think thats right. I know of a woman and her kids who is always on the same place begging and her kids is with her there right next to the road very unsafe -mauruschka

  4. On our way home we always go past these street kids who sleep on the side of the road and all they have is cupboard and plastic sheets, really breaks my heart. With the R1000 I would buy them blankets to keep warm

  5. hmmm… a whole extra hour.. assuming it was quiet and toddler free, my hour would be spent getting my studies done, which would then enable me to help more new mom's to breastfeed.

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