The Connor Clan
A few weeks back I mentioned that we had set up a family photo shoot with the gorgeous and very talented Celeste at Cilla Bloom Photography. Up until then we hadn’t any family pics with our newest addition Ben, and Mark wanted some pics to frame and give to his dad as a 70th birthday pressie.
These are just a few of the moments snapped. Emma was in a foul mood but Celeste managed to get smiles outta her. Mark and I are both camera shy and very unphotogenic, but Celeste made us look half-human, and little Ben, well, as always he was just perfect!

Celeste is running an awesome special over the school holidays – 15 edited photos, 15 minute shoot for R500! FYI these moments were captured in under half an hour

Contact Celeste as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!


8 thoughts on “A photo shoot with Celeste that left me wordless…

  1. Gorgeous photos! Love love LOVE them! Also very unphotogenic, but booked a mini shoot with Cilla and hoping she brings tons of magic to the shoot to make me look half decent 🙂

  2. Your photos are beautiful! So nice to finally see what YOU look like too! (in a totally non-stalker way). I've seen the pics of your two cutie pies, but never of you! 🙂

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