How many of us wish we had an extra hour in our day?  To read a chapter in our favourite book, watch the series we have heard so much about, spend some quality time with the family or get involved with community work.  Jungle is asking you to tell us what you would do with an extra hour every day, and to take part in the Jungle One Hour Project, to do something inspiring, something extraordinary.

Life has become so busy and most of us are set in our routines – we wake up, get the family ready for work and school, travel time, work, travel time again, home, and supper, all just to start the routine all over again.  We tend to make this our excuse for not making time to do what matters most to us.  If each South African aimed to make an extra hour in their day, we would have a potential 52 million extra hours in a single day.  Imagine the difference and positive change we could all make in our lives, the lives of others and our communities.

Jungle wants to know what you would do with your extra hour. What exactly is the Jungle One Hour Project?  Jungle is giving you the platform to commit to doing something with your extra hour and stand a chance to win R20 000 in cash.  Register using your Facebook account details on the Jungle One Hour website and click on “start your project.” You will be asked to give your project a name and assign it to a Jungle product and lifestyle category.  In addition you can assign a start and end date to your project as well as a brief description of what you want to achieve.  This will automatically be posted to your Facebook homepage for your friends to see how you are using your energy to get involved.  Earn points for updating your project status, and the higher you climb up the leader board, the more chance you stand of winning.

So what type of tasks can you sign up for the Jungle One Hour Project?  It depends on what is important to you.  If you want to get fit and stay healthy – add a one hour work-out at the gym as your project. Or maybe you want to learn to do something new – maybe a photography course.  Or you can spend your extra hour helping your child with homework.  And if community work is important to you – why not volunteer at your local children’s home?  The list is endless. You can have more than one project which allows you to spend more time doing what is important to you.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep motivated and keep on track with these types of activities.  This is why Jungle has implemented a reward system.  You get reward points for registering your projects and also for updating the status of your project with text, imagery or video on the Jungle One Hour website or mobi site every time you complete a task. Your friends can also like your project on your profile.  Once your project is completed you will need to get 3 friends to confirm that your project is finished for your project to be entered into the draw!  You can track your progress and see where you stand on the Jungle One Hour Project leader board.  If you register your project successfully you are automatically entered into the draw to win random prizes monthly.  And if your project is at the top of the leader board at the end of the campaign you will win R20 000 in cash. What more reason do you need to sign up for the One Hour Project?

Make an extra hour. Make something happen. Put your energy into your 1-hour project. Jungle. The Energy Champion.


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