There haven’t been too many updates on Ben. Because there’s not too much to update on. He lies down, he sits up. He’s a typical boy; he eats, he farts, poops, has a widdle, sleeps, wakes up and starts all over again!

What I can tell you is that he is absolutely gorgeous! His reflux or colic or pissed offness has disappeared and he smiles and laughs and giggles and gaggles all day. He loves his big sister Emma and if she walks into the room his eyes light up (even more). He also loves his daddy to teeny tiny little bits!

I’m caught at that ‘wish-he-was-just-a-little-bit-older-so-he-could-a-little-bit-more’ stage and wishing he stayed as little and baby-like as possible. I can’t wait to hear him talk, and see him play. I look forward to finding out what kind of a little boy he’s going to be and my heart yearns for all those firsts. The first time he says ‘dadda’ and then ’emma’ and then the dogs’ names…then me and the first time he laughs out loud. I know I’m going to giggle at his first steps and beam with excitement when a tooth pops out.

What I’m not looking forward to is him discovering his ‘you-know-what’? I’ve yet to meet a boy (or man) that doesn’t hang onto his penis like it’s a security blanket…


7 thoughts on “Life with Ben

  1. i check into your blog once in a while but never comment.. but today i had to because i see emma has a baby brother called ben. My name is emma, and my younger brother is called ben… so couldn't let it pass without saying something 🙂

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