Pick the hospital and the gynae. Pick the day and the time. Pick a name for your kid. Pick a christening outfit and pick some godparents. Pick a birthday party theme and pick a venue. Pick a baker, a decorator and a balloon animal maker. Pick a nursery school, a pre-primary school and a high school. Pick their career. Pick their options. Pick their outfits. Pick their friends. Pick an au pair. Hell pick two! Pick an extra mural activity. Hell, pick six. Pick a wash and go hairdo. Pick a shabby chic wardrobe. Pick trainers over high heels. Pick a fight. Pick at the unknown bit of ‘gumph’ on your sleeve. Pick at the gum under the table. Stop them picking at the veggies on their plate. Stop them picking all the cookies in the jar! Watch them pick their nose. Pick up a book. Pick up a kindle. Pick a story. Pick a mommy blogger to follow. Pick a mom. Pick funny. Pick clever. Pick sweet and pretty. Pick a winner. PICK ME!

The Kidzworld Mommy Blogger competition is still on the go. Pop over daily and vote for your favourites. You can vote more than once. You can vote for more than one. You can use different email addresses and you can pass on to your friends to vote too.Closing date is 30 June!


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