I’ve been wondering what I can do with Emma this weekend.

The weatherman’s warning that it’s going to be cold enough to build a snowman and if Emma’s stuck in the house all day she’s going to be running around (and driving me around the bend) like a madman.

And then I saw a fellow twit’s tweet about him and his family going to the People’s Theatre to see The Gingerbread Man 2! My ears pricked up, my eyes sparkled and my interest piqued! Theatre! The Gingerbread Man!Drama Queen Emma! She’ll love it and it’s something very different to what we normally do.

Okay, that left Emma and I entertained. But what about Ben? But the People’s Theatre have little ones covered too. Children under 12 months do not pay and they arrange seating that you’re not too close to the stage (for noise) and on an aisle in case you need to make an emergency exit.

So we’re off to watch The Gingerbread Man 2 tomorrow. I can’t wait. Emma’s going to love watching the colourful characters like Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt, The Old Tea Bag, Herr Von Cuckoo, Sleek the Mouse and of course the Gingerbread Man himself, come alive on stage.

I’ve already signed Emma and Ben up for the Kid’s Club.

Being a member means a free ticket to a show around their birthday, they get called onto the stage, get a gift and have the actors wish them a happy birthday, you get reduced rates for shows, newsletters and emails and photo opportunities with the cast on Kid’s Club Days, for an annual fee of R85.

To see Emma’s face when they call her on stage and sing happy birthday to her, worth EVERY DARN cent!

I can’t wait to tell Emma about our new adventure. And thankfully we’re a little bit away from the stage because two things could possibly happen. She’s either going to jump on the stage to perform with them OR she’s going to try and catch him…

PS – The Little Mermaid’s on stage from 5th November to 23rd December. Emma is going to plutz and I’m going to have to practise singing ‘Under the Sea’


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