Once considered fairly stylish, even occasionally making a mark on the hierarchy of fashionistaness, I now find myself more of a case study of what not to wear, or at least what one shouldn’t wear.

Oh de toilet and barf de parfum is what I smell of. Remains of the Day is not in reference to an artsy fartsy movie but rather what food is left on my shoulder, the snot on my sleeve and the ‘only God knows what’ on my shoe.

Recently I had what I thought was a new mole. Besides thinking I should get to a dermatologist to check it out, I thought I looked a little Marilyn Monroeish, only to discover it was a choc chip from a muffin Emma had been eating.

A booger hanging from my nose is no longer reason to get embarrassed but rather a relief – at least it’s my booger!

Getting dressed in the mornings isn’t about what matches or looks ‘sex in the city’ cool. Nope, it’s finding the item of clothing which has the least amount of unidentifiable stains.

Handbags, once prized possessions, carry wet nappies, pieces of food dropped in, or purposely left, bouncy toys, squeaky toys, formula, bottles, dry nappies, bum cream, teething gel, saline drops, telament drops, tampons, wet wipes, snacky things and a whole lot more. Looking more like a bag lady than a MILF I realised things had to change. And quickly.

Moms, meet the jeankelly bag! A beautiful and stylish man-made leather bag with genuine leather detail. There’s space for everything and anything that baby, toddler and you might need to carry around. There’s a changing mat too!

A stylish mom needs a stylish baby (or is that the other way round?) so Ben now has a rather suave leather bib and a leather burp blanket, which doubles as a change mat.

Being a stylish mommy has never been so easy with shooshoos. Started in 1996 in Cape Town to uplift disadvantaged communities, this proud;y South African company has grown into a worldwide brand with sales in over 20 countries. And now there’s the jeankelly nappy bag too.

I can’t wait to pop out this weekend with mine. I hope I remember to take Emma and Ben with me.


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