Naartjie launched their on line store last month and I’ve taken advantage of the convenience and ease a few times already. Of course I miss the retail therapy and interaction with the awesome staff so I still pop into the store every now and then.

The new Nicolway shopping centre boasts a Naartjie shop and I couldn’t resist a visit last week. Of course I told my husband I was only ‘popping in’. Naartjie’s winter range is super cute and now I get to shop for a little girl AND a baby boy. I was a little rushed for time and the store was fairly busy so I figured I’d do my RT via the web as soon as I got home BUT Ben needed a feed, Emma needed a bath and playtime and husband needed supper. No shopping for the wicked I’m afraid.

But as soon as everyone was fast asleep I made myself a cup of tea, logged on and shopped to my heart’s content. No queues, no parking, no trolley bashing incidents and no weird looks cos I was in my pj’s.

Oh my dear (as Emma would say)! Curses Naartjie. Curse you for the cutest range of clothing. Ben got a super cute padded jacket and a pair of jeans and Miss Emma got tops, leggings, pyjamas and a cute little jacket, thanks to the ‘awesome twosome’ promotion.

Hang on a second…RAM’s at the gate with my delivery! Wohooooo!

PS – don’t forget to sign up for the birthday club


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