Emma fell from the heavens on the 10th May 2009. We met her six weeks later and my life changed forever. Every year I celebrate a day in honour of the little girl that saved me from myself. A little girl that makes me smile a lot more, laugh a lot louder and look at the world very differently.

In three years I have learned more from Emma than any school, university or peer has ever taught me. I have learned to be more patient, to love without limits and to give of myself unconditionally. I have also learned to care deeply for the things that matter and less for the things that don’t.

The most important lesson of all, however, is that a cupcake tastes better when eaten upside down (the cupcake, not me).

So on Saturday we celebrated our daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was an awesome day, surrounded by friends and family. A day filled with love, laughter and pretty cupcakes…

The letters were hired from In Good Company

The venue, The River Cabin, was the perfect setting for a party

I bought the bottles from Consol Glass. The paper straws, chalk tags, paper plates, serviettes and packets are all from In Good Company

 I had made Emma the pinkest tutu but she had her face painted like a kitty cat and stayed in character the whole day
Paper straws, pink drinks and hearts
Danielle from Moemas did all the food for the party. The grass and wooden mushrooms were hired from In Good Company. I bought the glass bowls and decorated them with different ribbons and filled them with sweets. Pink of course!

Butterfly, star and cupcake cookies in a bowl
Hedgehogs, busy bees and ladybug cupcakes

Yumminess in a jar
Veggie crudites and jelly bowls from Moemas

Sugar overload was prevented (slightly) with fresh fruit and pretzels
Fruit baskets were placed on picnic blankets around the garden

The mommies received a little thank you gift too
I made the bird nests and filled them with different types of chocolate eggs
The pinata ala Melinda was filled with all sorts of goodies

Little Ben was in awe of everything going on around him
The beautiful birthday cake was a magical toadstool. Danielle from Moemas included a baby Ben bunny

The kiddies party table

Emma making a wish

The enchanting little Ben
A delicious birthday cake, enjoyed by both the kiddies and moms and dads

A very happy birthday girl
Thank you Danielle for making Emma’s birthday such a wonderful occasion. The personal touches you added and help you offered played a huge part in making it such a success. Contact Moemas and get a 10% discount when booking your kiddies party

Sherene from innereyephotography captured the magical moments.

Balloons and kiddies bubble machine are from Elise at Jumping Jack Flash

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