This week starts off a little iffy. I turn 40 tomorrow, which I’m a bit iffy about. I’m also wondering what I’ll do to my husband iffy doesn’t spoil me rotten.

It’s also Mother’s Day on 13 May and I’m excited to be celebrating my 2nd one as a mom but iffy about celebrating my 40th as a daughter.

What I’m not feeling iffy about is the mail I received from Haagen-Dazs wishing me well on my upcoming ‘leaving-the-safety-of-the-womb-wtf-now’ day as well as Mother’s Day. They’ve arranged  a Mother’s Day Pamper Evening on Friday, 11 May at SOHO NYC Salon in Sandton with a classic mani and pedi AND loads of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream…

And that’s not all! They want to spoil you too. All you have  to do is join me on Twitter on Tuesday 8 May using the hashtag #MILS (Moms I’d Like To Spoil) and #AskMom. Ask me anything about mommyhood and Haagen-Dazs will choose a tweep to enjoy a night of sheer indulgence. It’s easier than choosing your favourite Haagen-Dazs flavour methinks


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