I turn forty in a few days. A few days too soon. Call it vanity, call it Peter Pan Syndrome but I just never thought I’d get old…

Ask a five or six year old what they consider over the hill and they’ll tell you, after very little thought that 30 is OLD! Imagine what they think 40 is! Ancient. A relic. Something that should be hanging in a museum.

I find myself starting sentences with “You’re probably too young to remember…” or “Remember when…”. I’ve even found myself saying “Back then when I was your age…”. Colour my hair purple NOW!

So yes, as I sit and contemplate the big four oh I realise I haven’t done much in terms of planning a celebration. Mark keeps nagging me for some ideas around a gift. To be quite honest I don’t need either. My life is complete. My heart is full. My cup runneth over so much I have to sip from the saucer. I’m more excited about Emma turning three. Her birth day is my rebirth. When she came along I got to live my life all over again. Not in a weird ‘stage mom’ kinda way but through the eyes of an innocent, happy child.

Three years ago I realised that youth isn’t wasted on the young. It’s wasted on grown ups NOT seeing the world through the eyes of their children.

In Emma’s world the sky isn’t blue, it’s smurfy blue and clouds are marshmallows just waiting to be eaten. Lightning is lighting for the theatre show the angels are putting on and thunder is the loud applause.

Our garden isn’t just a garden anymore. It’s home to a thousand fairies who make sure ladybugs have their spots and bees have their stripes. Rainbows are hung in the sky and fireflies light the sky at night.

Old people aren’t just old, they’re grannies and grandpas that love and tickle and giggle.

Everyday objects like cranes and planes cause great excitement with squeals of delight. Sand in a bucket is a birthday cake and a twig placed in the middle is a candle to make a wish. Piles of Autumn leaves are things to be kicked and rolled in and a puddle isn’t just a puddle of water, it’s a puddle of joy, meant to be danced in. A bath isn’t a place to clean away the dirt of the day, it’s a playground where the imagination runs wild.

Monsters and evil exist only in books while magic lives all around. Unicorns and mermaids are just around the corner and for Emma I’m a beautiful princess and dad is the dragon slayer.

Stars are there simply to make wishes on and the man in the moon keeps a watchful eye over all of us.

Emma’s world is awesome and even more awesome is I get to live it with her. So happy birth day Emma. Your day is a celebration of you coming into the world and into our lives. And a happy rebirth day to me too…


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