It’s Emma’s birthday party soon. Just around the corner. And all I can say is THANK THE BIRTHDAY STARS it is. Every spare bit of space in the house has party stuff squirreled away. Between Emma, dad and myself the sweet treats are going to be devoured before the big day…

Danielle from Moemas has been an absolute star. Nothing I have suggested has been too silly or ‘not going to happen’. In fact, she’s made suggestions where I’ve looked at her and exclaimed “SERIOUSLY! You can do THAT?”

A lot of the decor has been made by yours truly, keeping me busy and out of trouble. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s all over. Ah yes, I’ll plan Ben’s 1st cake smash.

So here’s a few images from my homemade goodies using jars and bottles from Consol glass, straws, ribbon and other wonderful stuff from In Good Company. Not shown here is my DIY pinata and the various paper pom poms I made.

The inspirational party pics below were used as references for Danielle.

Don’t forget, Moemas is giving you 10% off your next kiddies party if you mention you saw this on my blog…

Drop Danielle an email and get ready to be AMAZED!

 A few twigs, some moss and white Easter eggs makes the perfect nest
 Speckled Easter eggs in a pile of moss
 My homemade gift bags
 Cold drink bottles from Consol, paper straws and chalk tags from In Good Company
 Meringues in a beautiful glass bowl
 Thank you gifts with a homemade toadstool
 Moss, and old basket lying around the house and lollipops make for a tasty tree
 Toadstools for a woodland party – made by me
 What’s a woodland party without bees and bugs

 Biscuits that look too good to eat
I can’t wait to see what Danielle’s done


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