A while back I did a post on my visit with an Astro Coach and thought I’d let you know how things are panning out since. My session with Rosemary has left me feeling more in control of my life, less wont to control others and aware of things I have no control over.

She has helped me to understand Emma and I now see my little girl as just that…a little girl. I suppose it’s human nature to see her as ‘the big sister’ and expect her to behave ‘big’ whereas in reality she is still a baby, a little person, with not even three years life experience. When she throws a wobbly I don’t take it as my wobbly anymore. I no longer see it as her attempt to make me look like an idiot. I think, since Rosemary, I observe, listen and react a little differently.

Ben really is coming into his own. He is a smiley, happy, gurgly baby who I understand a bit better too. I know the different cries now and thanks to Rosmary’s kind words I no longer take an outburst of tears as a personal affront. His colic has settled and like most men, he burps away, instead of holding it all in. Of course he still has moment’s but once again I see them as that. His moments. Not mine.

Regarding the book. Well, let’s just say following my meeting with Rosemary I mentioned the idea to a few people. Expecting to ‘tsk tsks’ I was floored when the feedback was positive…extremely positive. Some people even came up with suggestions I hadn’t thought of. So as per the astro coach’s intstruction I am using my maternity leave to research and fast forward my dream.

I’m still battling with the perfection thing. It’s years and years of programming that’s not going to change overnight. But I’m aware of it and awareness is good. Rosemary and I still stay in touch (or rather I stalk her) and she encourages and helps and guides.

Nicki’s seeing Rosemary a little later today and I can’t wait to hear how her session went.

Rosemary isn’t going to wave a magic wand and make your life complete and perfect. What she is going to do is highlight things that are important and give you practical advice on how to move forward. For an appointment pop her an email or call her on 083 259 1395.


4 thoughts on “Where astrology meets life coach

  1. Melinda, after your mention of Rosemary in a previous post I booked an appointment for last week when I was in jhb…

    So much clarity and direction… no hocus pocus you will meet a tall dark stranger stuff with her at all – more a guiding towards what I already knew but was refusing to acknowledge.

    I also left feeling empowered and focused! Thanks for the tip 😉

  2. That's what I was thinking tln101

    Nisey I am so glad to hear that. I felt exactly the same way. Clear headed and more in control. You've hit the nail on the head – it's what you already know but either have forgotten along the way or are too scared to look / relook / look at differently

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