The advantage to Naartjie’s on line shop is the convenience. The disadvantage to shopping on line with Naartjie is…the convenience.

At least before I would actually have to get dressed, brush my teeth, get my bedhead on, tell a small white lie to hubs as to where I’m going and then drive to the Epsom Downs store. Now I can sit, cup of tea in hand, on the couch, while I browse at my leisure. I don’t even have to tell Mark where I’m going.

Not only is it quick and easy but there’s a good chance the on line store has stock of things that have sold out at the shop. Like the gorgeous little puffer jacket and wellies I saw on Sunday. Sadly the sizes I was looking for were no longer available at Espom Downs BUT they were available at www dot Naartjie do co dot za.

And guess how excited I was to discover that there’s a special on line price. Emma’s very cute wellies cost around R229 in store but on line they’re R195.46 – a saving of over R30. Her puffer jacket on line was R254 while in store it’s R299, which means you get more for your fashionable buck..

Ben also got a few things and I’m keeping them as proof, when he’s a too-big-for-his-boots tween, that THESE did indeed fit…

You can also purchase gift vouchers as well as clothing items for friends, which will be delivered directly to their door.

I ordered my goodies, late Sunday evening, ‘cos I could, and they arrived, safe and sound on Wednesday morning, much to my surprise! I saved time, money AND petrol shopping on line. I’m happy. The Connor kids are happy. All in all, a great shopping experience…


2 thoughts on “naartjie dot ‘see oh’ dot za

  1. We probably bumped into each other at Epson Downs Naartjie, I practically lived there. But thanks to internet…I now shop from work. Oh the Naartjie movement is so addictive.

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