Anyone in the know knows that bunting is the new buzzword in cake decorating. The idea is to have a simply iced cake decorated with bunting. Think a little wash line with pretty flags or any other cutouts and there you have it…

Poor Danielle at Moemas doing Emma’s birthday cake! I’ve just realised I’m THAT mother / customer but really, how beautiful are these?

I’ve included a bunting tutorial from The TomKat Studio which includes a printable mini bunting alphabet.

So to get this

You need

2 Bamboo Skewers
2 Striped Paper Straws
Embroidery Thread

Download and print the free printable alphabet pages of your choice on card stock. Cut out bunting flags and arrange them in order on a flat surface. Thread your needle with embroidery thread (it’s perfectly OK to make funny faces when completing this task.) We pre-punched two holes on the top corners of each flag to make it easier to push the needle through the card. Embroidery needles aren’t sharp enough normally to pierce without making a mess of the card. Thread each of the flags from the top row then pop the needle through one of the straws. Take the needle off the thread and re-thread the other end to enable you to attach the loose end to the remaining straw. Place your skewers in your cake and then insert the straws over the skewers. Tie the end off with two or three knots to secure the bunting in place. Continue this with the remaining bunting.

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