This is a bit of a muddled post. Let me admit this from the start. The last few days daze have been a whirlwind, from meeting our new baby born on Wednesday and deciding to bring him home on FridayMonday.

The reason it wasn’t Friday was because Mark said Sunday and I said Friday. We decided to compromise and agreed on Saturday. Unfortunately the courts aren’t open on a weekend so it was Friday or Monday. I tried once more to convince Mark that Friday was a good day. He didn’t buy it. So Monday it is.

For those of us who are barren and our womb and ovaries could be used as ashtrays and marbles know the ‘upside’ of adopting. There’s no weight gain, no invasion of hormones, no (more) stretch marks, boobs stay where they are (I mean, how low can they go) and we don’t have the pleasure of piles, kankles, veiny veins and feet that grow one size bigger.

The down side is we don’t have the advantage of planning. You wait and wait (and wait and wait and wait) and then you get a phone call saying “baby’s ready”. Or, as was the case with us, we had chatted about adopting again with no time line in mind. Perhaps once Emma had turned three or thereabouts. Or maybe a little later. Who knows? Well, someone knew.

We were contacted on Monday asking if we’re still interested in adopting again.
There isn’t time to paint nurseries or shop. We haven’t saved for months to go out and buy prams and cots and baby monitors and toiletries and shit loads of nappies and ear buds and cotton balls and formula and baby chairs and and and. And with the costs of all things baby related there are very people, I’d imagine, who’d be able to buy all the above this time of the month in on foul swoop.

And that’s when a miracle happened and people did the most amazing things. Yesterday I picked up the goodies that Nicki had managed to get together in just a few short days via Twitter Friends. Twitter Friends! Moms, women, powerhouses that I #FF or RT or ‘chat’. Most I have never met, but in a short space of time and a few tweets later, these ‘friends in my phone’ are now in my heart.

The generosity, the kindness, the words of inspiration and support, the humour, the interest, the concern and love, that has been shown towards Mark, Emma, myself, and of course little Ben, is nothing short of alove in its purest form. 

Our spare room now is too full for me to even get into. There are clothes and towels and blankies and toys and essentials and baths and sterilizers and bottles and nappies and wet wipes. Friends even thought of Emma and sent her Big Sister presents, which I just know she’s going to love.

Just a few days ago there was a little baby boy, alone in a hospital, unwanted, unloved. And now. Well, now he has a ‘family’ out there that has already shown him so much love. His journey has only just begun and he has so many amazing people who are going to travel it with him.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Albert Einstein

On behalf of Ben Patrick Connor, Mark, Emma and I, thank you!

(I apologize in advance if I have left a name or two out…feel free to give me a slap next time you see me or send a message saying “Oi! You forgot me!”)

8 thoughts on “Love in its purest form…

  1. You're so welcome! And it's all about paying it forward…. When A as placed with us & we were given 6 days notice, if it weren't for my friends the computer who rallied around & spoiled us rotten, we would not have made it!
    Enjoy every moment of bringing home baby Ben tomorrow!!!

  2. it sure is love in the purest form…. and friends knowing how overwhelmed with love you are right now… mmm…magical to have them in your life! Lucky Ben..heehee.. xx

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