Miracles are all around us, every day. Some days you have to look a little harder or dig a little deeper but they’re always there.
As parents, holding your baby for the first time or looking at the little being you’ve created is indeed a miracle. For others, like myself, a mother of an adopted child, I see the miracle in Emma. I see the miracle in that her mother chose to give her baby to a family who would love and protect her. The miracle too, is that Emma chose us.
For a while now Mark and I have been discussing adding to our little unit. We always said round about the time Emma turns three we’d adopt a little boy. We agreed she needs a sibling and quite frankly I’m battling with the vertigo (and bouncing boobs) from jumping on the trampoline with her every afternoon, after work and freezing my fragile bits off in a pool because madam wants to swim.
Out of the blue last week I got an SMS from the Lighthouse Baby Shelter asking if we were still interested in a new baby. Cautiously I smsed back with a “Yes! Why?” An SMS came back with “We have a one week old baby boy who’s ready to meet you!”

Any parent knows there’s never a good time for a new baby. There’s never enough money. There’s always something that seems more important but the reality is, life happens while we’re busy making plans.
So, last week I was surrounded by miracles (not sure if Mark would it that :). There’s the miracle of a baby boy coming home to us, which is a biggie BUT the BIGGEST miracle of all, I’ve discovered, is the wonderful people I have been blessed with. 
In the blink of an eye Nicki sprung into action, arranging lists of what we need, picking things up, dropping things off, doing a Layette list (I don’t even know what that is) and the list goes on. All this arranging and organising is a feat in itself BUT Nicki is a mommy to a toddler and a yummylicious new born herself.
The last, and most important miracle of all, is what I have taken for granted every day, without even realising it, is the kindness, the generosity, the humour, the thoughts and prayers of the people around me. People, some who I’ve never ‘met’ met, have kindly bought stuff, donated stuff, sent words of encouragement and kept me sane throughout this crazy week. Each and everyone of you has brought something rich and meaningful to my life and for that I’m thankful.

There’s a belief that when you do something ‘good’, like adopt a baby, you’ll be blessed. “Well,” I thought, “I’m going to win the Lotto now!” for the good deed I’ve done BUT my blessings have been so much more. Something money could never buy and that is YOU!
My mommy friends out there in the Twittersphere, on line and IRL, YOU are my miracles!  

The gift of friendship… a willingness to listen… a pair of helping hands… a whisper from the heart. That someone cares and understands.

8 thoughts on “You’ve got to believe in miracles…

  1. Beautiful Melinda! I'm so excited for the three of you for the miraculous blessing that is arriving in your lives!
    And the thing with miracles is that the biggest ones often pop into our lives during the most mundane of days and we can never anticipate their greatness!

  2. Melinda congratulations! While reading your post I am so thankful that God had a greater plan in mind and that is to first of all bless you, and secondly to bless your baby with such loving parents. All God's blessings to the four of you!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while now….and all I can say is WOW. I hope that the new addition to your family brings you a joy that's unspeakable.

    And yes, miracles do happen everyday and what would I world be without friends.


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