My blog started as an online journal, something for Emma to read one day. It’s also a way for me to share my experiences. Through the blogging community I have made friends and met awesome people.

I have shared the highs and lows of all kinds of parents facing their various challenges with bravery and a sense of humour I can only envy. I have learnt so much about kindness, unconditional love and selflessness. I have also discovered that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and do not wear capes and their underwear as over wear. Instead they are unassuming moms and dads doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

I’d like to think my blog has helped in some way. I know I’ve been inspired, moved and touched by many of the blogs I read. I like to learn from those around me, and I have. But when a lesson comes from a child, I am left speechless.

Today I received a mail from a mom who reads my blog. The mail touched me in so many ways and I found myself smiling as I read it. The honest wisdom of children is beyond comprehension and it’s refreshing.

I thought I’d share some of the mail here

My mom and (the) dad to my 2 girls (one is vanilla and the other is chocolate) went to the Blue Train in Green Point, Cape Town, last week and met a 2 and a half yr old chocolate girl with her 2 vanilla grannies.  After reading what you have said about Emma I was wondering if it was her.

N (almost 5, my youngest, came into our lives at 3 yrs old, we are still in the foster process but in every way but legal she’s our daughter.  Her older sister, M is 6 and is our bio-child and loves her sister.  She tell us that the angels had them and said they were sisters (they were golden children without race) and sent M down first but when they sent N down she got lost on the way.  The angels then told us to find her and it took a long time but finally we brought home her sister.  The first thing M said to N at their first meeting was “I love you”.

Both of them are at xxxx school and there are many children “born from their mommy’s hearts” as one little boy put it.

Thank you for your blog,

I loved this. I love that angels had them and that instead of black and white, they are golden. I love that a little boy refers to adopted children as “born from their mommy’s heart”. I love that this mommy took the time to send me the mail and I love that I got to feel something very special today.


2 thoughts on “Today I Felt Something Special…

  1. Our story to our son is similar, we tell him that he couldn't grow in my tummy because it is broken but he grew in my heart and the angels led him to us…

    He's almost 4 and its about as much as he can handle right now.

  2. What a beautiful mail! You know what I love – because my kids go to a Catholic and in all terms rainbow nation school they seem to be rather colour blind. They do not talk about colour but rather language – so the Princess used to talk about her friend that had both a Tshwana and English mom.

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