Disciplining Emma is tough. She’s cute. She’s funny and she knows exactly what she’s doing. We tried smacking once. Just a tap on the hand really, but she thought we were playing a game of slapsies and smacked back. We quickly gave that up as an idea…

We tried taking away a favourite toy too but again that backfired. With her short attention span and overindulgent mom there’s too many favourite toys which would mean I would have to remove a lot of stuff.

I soon realized that for this discipline thing to work I’d have to identify (and quickly) what would feel like ‘punishment’ for a toddler. And I did. Emma loves company. She loves been around people, chatting, playing seeing what’s going on, being a part of the action. And so the naughty step was born. Until her nursery school teacher mentioned to me that at school they have the thinking chair / step / corner. The connotation isn’t negative and it gives them time to ‘reflect’. So we changed the naughty step to the thinking step.

A few nights ago Emma did something that I reprimanded her for. She looked straight at me and did it again. Supernanny has taught me what to do. I got down on her level, told her to look me in the eyes and as I was about to start my monologue of why she shouldn’t do what she did she took my cheek in her hand and pinched. The little s*** pinched me! “Right” I said “You’re going to the thinking step for that!” “No, I’ll go to the naughty step” says she. “I hurt you.” (almost as if to say I don’t need to think about what I’ve done…)

Before I could get up from my Supernanny position on the floor, Emma had turned around, started walking towards the naughty step, and then told me to fetch her in two minutes!

Um, Supernanny, what do I do now?


7 thoughts on “Supernanny, Superschnanny

  1. Whahahahahaha! Cheeky monkey! We send Aaron to his room, he has to sit on his bed.
    When we tell him to go, he looks at us, drops his head down, droops his shoulders and drags his feet all the way to his room…

  2. I confess I am a shouter. I've never used naughty chair/corner/room etc. I have gotten physicla with Felix once or twice, only when Richie was just born and he used to hit and pull hair. I retaliated and then felt terrible, but soon enough the behaviour stopped.
    Somehow, though, my kids know I 'mean' it if I raise my voice. Hm. Good/bad? Dunno.

  3. It's what works for you. I'm loud most of the time so most people never know if I'm shouting or not 🙂

    I have smacked Emma on her nappy (which she was wearing at the time) and felt SO awful afterwards. I was smacked growing up and I think I'm okay I just wouldn't want to smack while angry, frustrated…does that make sense?

  4. Ava does the same thing. She relegates herself to the naughty step and I let her. So I'd think that you should just carry on with the Supper Nanny routine, even if she's relegated herself to the naughty step, it's still punishment, she's just bright enough to know that she has done something wrong and needs to be punished for it.

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