When you’re in the thick of things it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, the trees for the wood or the woody trees and it’s only on looking back you realize things weren’t that bad. In fact they could have been a whole lot worse…
So 2011 saw loads of highs, a few lows and some middle to fair bits

We watched as Emma blossomed into a bright, funny, kind, compassionate little girl

I am sure that…

I realized I love been a mom. It’s a privilege. To be Emma’s mom is an honour

We celebrated Emma’s 2nd birthday in May amongst friends and family who love and value her as much as we do

I now know that…

Times were hard for Mark work-wise but we’ve survived and of course it could have been harder

I went for a job interview never expecting to get it. But I did. Sadly I didn’t take the offer but we learn from our mistakes and we move on

If you can…

We watched helplessly while Emma lay in hospital for 6 days. She made a speedy recovery. Sadly family friends’ little boy didn’t

I learnt I’m stronger than I thought, braver than I ever imagined and can function on very little sleep

Textbooks can’t teach you how to love your child…

As old as I am and as wise as I thought I was I learn essential lessons from Emma every day. How to love deeply. How to laugh loudly. How to live enthusiastically

Thanks to emma I’ve learned special friendships are made with a very simple ‘hello’

The best friends are found in the least obvious places and twitter pals are as true and as wonderful as real time ones

When times are tough someone else  is having it tougher


Getting through those aforementioned times is easier with friends, family and a husband who ‘gets’ me

The little curve balls life throws your way teaches you to hold the bat differently, swing harder, faster and make a sprint for ‘home’

Regret is a waste of time…

No matter how shitty life sometimes seems, it’s better than the alternative

All my experiences, good and bad, have brought me to where I am today…and I’d like to think I’m a better person for them

At the age of 39 and 7 months…

My needs and wants have been replaced by dreams and hopes for Emma

I’ve been on radio…and I loved it

Sometimes you have to…

I’m addicted to my iphone and instagram

I love Diptic and Phonto and Hello kitty photo booth too

I started blogging and it’s become my love, my hobby and my passion

This year I’ve had enough bad haircuts to last a life time. I’ve learnt that unlike foreskins hair grows back

It’s important to remember that…

I’ve come to realize it’s sometimes right to say no to things regarding Emma. In fact it’s my right to say no

I’ve learnt life is not a race nor is it a competition. It’s a journey and it’s up to you to…

For all the things I didn’t get, didn’t achieve or didn’t do I am grateful for what I have…


Tomorrow on 1 January 2012 the world will be no different. There’ll be pain and suffering. There’ll be heartaches and regrets. Families will have lost loved ones and babies will be born. But the beginning of a new year always brings new hope and promise. My wish for you and your loved ones is to cherish each moment, be kind to each other and especially yourself.

ps – my 2011 retrosprective blogging friends have given me food for though. I stood in awe of Tanya, laughed (and shed a happy tear) with Nicki, nodded in agreement with Sharon and was inspired by Margot


4 thoughts on “2011 – it was the best of times. It was the not so worst of times

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