A is for air…fresh, healthy, rejuvenating air and alcohol…very much needed in order to survive
B is for beaches…sandy, dirty, cigarette butt infested beaches and beach balls

C is for cloud watching…and comfort eating

D is for dog-lazy days…and drugs to get me through the days

E is for everyone descending down to Knysna for the holidays

F is for family…you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family

G is for gawdy bikinis, makeup and jewellery

H is for holidays…and hell

I is for ice cream and ice blocks floating in G&T’s

J is for jelly fish, jelly beans and jelly in trifle

K is for kites flying high in the sky

L is for lazy lie-ins and lying around, which I believe people do on hols

M is for been mugged by monkeys at Monkeyland

N is for noose…which I’d like to put around my neck

O is for ocean…a wide expanse of water warmed by the sun and litres of urine

P is for pee…another word for urine

Q is for queasy…the way I feel on a boat

R is for rest and relaxation. What I would love while on holiday

S is for sunblock, suntan and screaming kids

T is for tranquilizers…can never have enough while holidaying

U is for umbrella and under-arm hair which can be found in abundance

V is for Van Rensburg’s, Van der Merwe’s and Van Jaarsveld’s descending on the beach, malls and KFC outlets

W is for water, wind, wonder, wrinkly old women on the beach and men’s w***** in banana hammocks

X is for xtra thick skin needed while holidaying

Y is for Y me?

Z is for Zippity doo dah days with Emma and hubs whole on holiday


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