We’ve only just put our Christmas tree up. It took us about a week to find it. After it was up it stood bare-ass-naked because I had forgotten where I had put the decorations.

On Monday night I searched for the decorations everywhere, turning the house upside down. Leaving each room looking like a hurricane had passed through. On Tuesday morning when Ester walked in she thought we had been burgled.

“Ow ow ow” she said as she went from room to room “What is this mess?” Mark, without any hesitation said “It was Melinda!”

“Jeeze” I shouted downstairs “That didn’t take you very long to throw me under the bus!” Note to self…never commit any kind of crime with Mark, ever.

Anyway, Operation Glitter Ball wasn’t successful until I got home from work on Tuesday. I was sitting on the couch staring at our rather sad Christmas tree and suddenly I remembered where they were. Tucked (too) safely away behind all of Emma’s unused, unplayed with toys. Aha!

So Emma and I started decorating. Of course she lost interest after two minutes and started playing with the decorations…taking them off one at a time

Her game went along the lines of:

Hello Mr Buck (reindeer) 

Hello rabbit (reindeer)

What you doing?

We’re going to Christmas…

This was going to be a loooooooooooooooooong night. Eventually I was finished and so was the decorating. And then it came to the lights. I spent about an hour just trying to untangle them.

After much sweat, tea and cigarette breaks I had one bunch ready, which I started to wrap around the tree. Emma stood close by, with bated breath, some decorations still in hand, waiting for the big reveal.
and VOILA…
Okay okay…just kidding. That’s not our Christmas tree..ours is a rather sad version, but Emma, the glass-is-half-full-kinda girl immediately started singing “Happy Birthday dear daddy” and proceeded to try and  blow out the lights x

2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree…

  1. Bless her!

    Unlike you I knew where the tree and decorations were, however had no energy to decorate the tree, so I have a bare tree in the lounge for about a week, while I built up the courage.

  2. What Melinda is actually trying to do in this post is show you MY Christmas tree in the last photo, Melinda, how could you use my photo without my permission? (I mean how rude)…

    Ok, ok…so it aint my tree either…but i value your support Melinda with our attempts at Christmas tree decorating – thanks buddy! (My tree is already mauled by a CAT)


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