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You’d think that areas like Durban, Cape Town and PE would have the highest numbers of drownings, what with all that water around. Well you’d be wrong!

According to Swim Alive, Gauteng, an inland province has the highest number of drownings, followed by KZN, Western Cape and then Pretoria.

Three children drown in South Africa every day and for every child that dies, five are left brain damaged as a result of prolonged lack of oxygen (only 4 minutes), which causes irreversible brain damage. Sadly most drownings take place at home, involving children aged between 2 and 8. Even though these unfortunate events are preventable, drownings are listed as one of the top causes of unnatural death amongst children in South Africa.

Little ones are curious. They’re fearless and they’re fast. It takes a few short moments of a child slipping away unnoticed and a few centimetres of water for a tragedy to happen.

As parents it’s difficult to be attentive 100% of the time but the Pool Angel can. The perfect guardian, Pool Angel keeps a close eye on your little ones, when you can’t.

This anti-drowning safety electronic system consists of a base unit and a bracelet. Kiddies (and pets) wear the bracelet , which is water resistant and features a super duper safe strong locking mechanism that can’t be opened without a key.

As soon as the bracelet is immersed in water, the base unit sounds an alarm and vibrates.The detecting distance is about 50 meters. Pool Angel can be used for swimming pool, garden ponds, rivers, sea water the beach or anywhere where there is open water that can pose a risk to your child. It can also be used to trace your little ones should they wander off in a busy shopping centre or mall…

For more information on where to find your nearest stockist or to order one, contact Pool Angel

Pool Angel features:

  • It’s safe
  • and reliable to use.
  • Portable and carriable for travelling.
  • Protect your child, as well as your pet.
  • Suitable for any water including salt pool water.
  • Rainproof and water-splash proof.
  • Anti-drowning alarm combined anti-lost alarm.
  • Alarm, also with vibration.
  • Alarm decibel is 100dB.
  • Three LED indicating different status.
  • One Base Unit can work with two Bracelets.
  • No interference between two sets of alarms.
  • Anti-drowning/Lost range is about 50 meters.
  • Anti-Lost range can’t be adjusted.
  • Base Unit works on adapter or AA batteries.
  • Bracelet works on LIR2032 battery.
  • Base Unit and Bracelet low battery alarm.
  • Bracelet battery can be recharged.
  • Bracelet is waterproof.
  • Base Unit can be reset.
  • No false alarm and alarm failure.
  • Frequency 433HZ or 315Hz.
  • Safety Standard certificates as well as ICASA approved.
  • Whole product is small and light for travel
  • Product disclaimer: Safety Angel Anti Drowning Alarm is not a substitute for parental supervision or an adequate barrier to restrict the access of children to water hazards. Parents should look after their children carefully anytime and anywhere!

I have one Pool Angel to give away right here. All you need to do is leave a comment…



13 thoughts on “A giveaway worth getting…

  1. We are going to my sister in laws place over Christmas/New Year. They live on a farm which has the Kei River as its border. The house is really close to the river and I am already having nightmares about Ewan near that river. I would love the Pool Angel. Both his grandparents have pools so we would continue to use it a lot after the holidays.

  2. I'm a worrier. I have awful visions of my son drowning or choking – as a result of my carelessness. The Pool Angel looks amazing. Even if I don't win it, I will definitely try and buy one!

  3. I need this prize!
    Having a 2 year old and a swimming pool it's a worry that's constantly on my mind even though we have a pool net. You can never be too careful especially when it comes to your childs safety.

  4. We're moving house at the end of the month, and the new house has a pool – there is a net but I am still panicky about it with a toddler. I need this for peace of mind! I'd love to win, if not I am definitely putting this on my “to buy” list.
    Thanks for the opportunity! xxx

  5. We are immigrating to South Africa from London at the end of 2011. We will be staying in a house that has a pool and NO net! (well not yet anyway) I am terrified for my daughter's safety (she's 4) as she hasn't lived in this environment with swimming pools and don't know what to expect. I'm going to be constantly at her side. This gadget looks amazing and would certainly keep my mind at ease whilst she plays in the garden. She has had a few swimming lessons and I hope to continue lessons once we get there.

  6. Hello, just discovered your blog, and have also just got my pool up and running. Would really really looovvve to win this prize 🙂

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