So we’ve got a list of the worst gifts to get children. Here’s a list of the worst things to get for adults…unless you really really don’t like them
A Snuggie, especially one in camouflage. Unless you like camo, then the colour choice would be cotton-candy pink.

Christmas ornaments. I love ornaments and I love getting ornaments from those I love. But giving me a Christmas ornament AT Christmas isn’t always a great idea. You’ll just pack it away until the next year.

A treadmill/exercise machine. Even if you ask for it. Because nothing says, “I love you” like telling your loved one they’re fat.

Fruitcake. Seriously, does anyone actually eat fruitcake? One time at church we did a “fruitcake toss” game and broke ceramic Santas. (Go figure, the game was the brainchild of the lady who convinced me not to do Santa.)

Earrings shaped like French Fries or hamburgers…in fact anything that resembles fast food. I didn’t even have these in the 80’s. Why would I want them now? 

Any type of clothing that lights up. Not cool. Just not cool.

A blender or other appliance. If you need an appliance, go get it. It’s not a gift. Men: this is grounds for immediate dismissal by your woman. This also applies to cleaning supplies.

A Perfume SAMPLE…in fact any kind of sample. They are tiny. They are also free. They are a terrible gift. Have I mentioned that they’re free? 

Pre-Packaged Lotion sets. You know what I’m talking about. It has a lotion, body wash and a loofah. It smells terrible. Unless this is from your 8 year old nephew, it’s a bad, bad gift.
Candy dispensers that “poop” the candy. Just don’t. It’s gross. Nobody likes it except for 11-year-old boys.

Now, we all know it’s not the actual gift that matters. It’s the love and thought behind it that matters. Hopefully most people know that. Hopefully you don’t get any of these yourself this year. And if you bought one of these for a loved one – take it back and try again!



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