Christmas is all about children but you have to admit it’s still nice to have a pressie or two to open on the day…

So my list is a humble one. Gone are the days where Mark and I spent obscene amounts of money on gifts for one another…now we just spend it on Emma 🙂

Let’s hold thumbs hubs reads this post x

have you seen these at Woolies? They have pigs, sheep and ducks
this is no.1 on my list. Love Moleskin diaries. Love Peanuts even more 

even though I have my Kindle nothing beats a visit to a book shop…the smell, the feel, the coffee shop
there’s nothing like fun and quirky jewellery to brighten up the dullest of days…and outfits
I love to write and if I plan to ever get THAT book written I’m going to need as many journals as possible
 I love cupcakes and I love bath time…mix the two and voila!
 a Morph bookmark. Got to get a new book just so I can use this
cutest darn cookie jar I’ve seen
and if all else fails, I’ll help myself to a little bit of each below….

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