I’m too old to go to 21st birthday parties
Raising a well balanced polite 21 year old is no small feat
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or angrier
There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby
Sometimes it’s easier to find my g-spot than it is to find my sense of humour
All babies need a shoulder to call their own
Random acts of kindness go a long way
Not everyone deserves to be a mother
It’s okay to get irritated with your kiddies. Its what you do with that itritation that matters
Emma and Mark make a gorgeous Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
Been on radio is fun
Sometimes moms need help
Woolies baby clothes ROCK
However your family is formed, its a miracle
Every child is a work of art

Emma has more rhythm than I do

A car isn’t always the best hiding place for new purchases
You’ll always find something at Naartjie

The festive season is incredibly stressful
Milkshakes make everything better
The key to a happy life is to sometimes feign ignorance
It’s not always about you
Every girl, no matter their age, loves Shooshoos



One thought on “A Mother’s Musings

  1. LOVE those Naartjie denim shorts! So much detail & the little pink ballletjies are too adorable! Also bought a pair, took off the tags in the car & passed it off as “that old thing??? She's had it for aaaages!” 🙂

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