Everyone has a mommy I know this to be true and every mommy has a special place in their heart for you

Mommies come in all sizes and shapes but one thing is always true there’s no one in the world they love as much as you

Some mommies like to laugh out loud, some giggle ‘tee hee hee’ Some mommies like their coffee and some mommies love tea
There’s mommies with long hair and some with hair that’s short  There’s mommies who like to read and paint and some mommies love sport
Some mommies wear high heels and some wear shoes that are flat Some wear pretty things in their hair and some wear crazy hats
Sometimes your mommy looks just like you with freckles on her nose She might have hair just like yours and the same old funny toes

Some mommies don’t look the same as you but this I know is true No matter what you look like your mommy always loves you

Everywhere around the world whether it’s day or night A mommy is hugging their little boy or girl and squeezing them real tight

I’m your mommy and I love you even if we’re apart Cos I am yours and you are mine with a place inside my heart

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