Nina Say cheese

On Monday Emma went through to Vanessa’s studio at Nina Say Cheese for a Christmas shoot. After seeing Tanya’s  little Max in his Christmas wonderland I was dying to to see how Emma’s photos would come out.
WOW! There are no words to describe it. The detail that Vanessa has put into the set is out of this world, from the turkish delight and the mince pies to the candy cane and gingerbread men. Never in my wildest most wonderful wonderings would I have imagined this…

Emma loved the attention and felt like a movie star. I’m not quite sure how Vanessa managed to keep our little Miss from touching everything around her, especially the gorgeous Christmas tree and the crackers and the beautiful bunny sitting opposite her
Luca and Nicki were also there so Vanessa took a pic of the two little munchkins together…
Of course Christmas comes but once a year, so for the other 11 months Nina Say Cheese has themes to suit girls and boys of all ages…

There’s the forest

The pilot

The circus
And the tea party


For a photo shoot that’s a work of art give Vanessa a call at Nina Say Cheese



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