We were lucky enough to be invited to the Beautiful Creatures theatre show at Monte Casino yesterday  courtesy of Jelly Tots. And what an awesome morning it was…

Emma has a few books and one or two of the CD’s, which she absolutely loves but to see it all come alive on stage was, um, beautiful!

Jelly Tots welcomed us with sweets and a play area that kept the little ones entertained until the doors opened. There was face painting and colouring in to be done.

There was a photo area and the Jelly Tots caterpillar (or snake, as Emma called it).

The Cupcakes looked too good to eat, but eat them we did and they were yummy. Decorated with each of the characters from the books and show, Emma ate Mafuta and half of Hadeda…

And then it was time for the show…and what fun it was. The costumes are gorgeous, the ‘animals’ adorable. I loved Mafuta the ‘overweight’ ellie and I think I developed a crush on the jock rhino. Emma’s favourite was the majestic giraffe and the mischievous monkeys

With the holidays in full swing, I would definitely recommend this for the whole family. It’s perfectly timed, so the little ones don’t get bored but we enjoyed it so much the time literally flew by. There’s sing-a-long songs and messages about love, friendship and acceptance. At R75 a ticket it’s money very well spent…



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures indeed

  1. It looks like fun! Sadly, I'll have to wait for my boys to age a little more.I'm dying to go and watch a Janice Honeyman Pantomime with my boys!

    And um, your 'beautiful' in your labels is… um… entertaining.

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