It’s only been in the last few months that I set up my blog and I’m loving it…but yesterday I suddenly thought what if I get bored? I get bored easily. That’s why I have all the voices in my head. They’re there to keep me company when I get bored with myself.

I started doing these wall pictures a while back, spent a fortune on paints, brushes, lettering, etc. I even sewed on buttons and ribbons. I sold a few and got some put in stores in and around Parkhurst. I attended flea markets and art in the parks…and then I got bored!

So my fear with blogging is what if I get bored? What if, heaven forbid, I run out of things to say? I can only hope that this doesn’t happen because I’ve ‘met’ the most amazing people through this form of communication. I’ve purged myself of secrets that have kept me prisoner for years and years. I’ve shared funny moments of being a mom and I’m keeping an online journal for Emma.

So for all of you that keep me motivated with your awesome feedback and interaction…



4 thoughts on “I love you with all my butt…

  1. Hahaha love that! I also get bored easily which often means I have piles of unfinished projects and never enough time to do anything about it.

    Please don't get bored of blogging everrrr! I love your writing, your honesty, and your beautiful daughter!

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