As do most people, I love receiving awards, any kind, whether it’s acknowledging me as “Mom of the Year” or “C**t of the day”, any recognition is good…isn’t it?

So when I received this ‘award’ from  Tanya I was over the moon excited…

First of all I have tell you seven things about me that you wouldn’t (or didn’t want to) know. Then I have to pass on the award to 15 other people. I’m not sure I’m going to find 15…but I’ll do what I can

7 things about me

I only started smoking at age 30! I think I started to piss off my ex-husband and clearly it worked…
I love weddings. So much so I’ve done it twice 

I have abnormally large feet for my height. And horrible sea anemone type toes. The type of toes that would make Tanya barf, because she has a feet ‘thing’
My favourite perfume is Narcisso Rodriguez. Not a day goes by that I’m not wearing it. I used to wear anais anais until my ex husband told me it reminded him if his gran. Who was dead.
My nickname is Squidward. But I think he’s more cheerful than I am
I studied teaching at varsity and did my prac’s at a high school, teaching ninth grade. Everyone, including the 8th grade students were taller than me, so I gave it up as a bad idea. I would love to teach nursery school children…at least I’ll be taller than some
My dream is to write a children’s book…

You’ll be happy to see I’ve thrown a man in (who probably won’t have the time to answer) and an Afrikaans mommy blogger…you see Celeste, it can be done xxx



3 thoughts on “Another award…for me…

  1. Hi Melinda! LOVE your BLOG! You have SUCH an incredible talent to write. Thank you for sharing your heart, thoughts & life with us! Love Marlize x x

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