That at an age that curfews don’t count you’re too tired to go out

That by the time you realize that picking your nose in private is okay you’ve figured out that snot doesn’t taste all that good

That when you’re old to feel comfortable enough in your own skin to get naked you’ve lost interest in getting naked 

That when you’re earning a good salary you have less of a disposable income than you had as a student getting paid R9.50 an hour

You spend most of your youth on the pill to not fall pregnant to find out later that you couldn’t anyway

That you can never find a dummy, lighter, candle, champagne glass, tampon or condom when you need one

That you never realize how perky your boobs actually are until they’re lhoobs

That by the time you can afford that über sexy sports car you have to buy a sensible one to transport kiddies…and the kitchen sink

That you only appreciate the wolf whistles once they stop

That the days you can sleep in you’re up at the crack of dawn

That you’ll always run into ‘the one who got away’ when you’re looking your worst and into ‘the one you wish would go away’ when you’re looking va-va-voom

That you’ll always find THE perfect outfit for THE event…once it’s over

That there’s no blowing in a blow job

That hindsight is always right

That you won’t need something for years, until you throw it away

That the person who snores the loudest falls asleep first

That no one listens to you until you fart

That you never put on weight in the right places

That when you think you know it all your toddler will remind you you don’t…


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