I half-assedly entered a competition on Nicki’s  blog. Half-assedly because I never win anything. Ever. The prize was a photo shoot courtesy of Celeste at Cilla Bloom Photography. Finally after all these years I won…and what a win it was!

After a few diary clashes we finally set it up and yesterday was the BIG day. Celeste had asked me to suggest a location where we’d like to have the pics taken and after some thought I confirmed that we would love to do it at home.

It’s where Emma’s at her happiest. The dogs are running around, there’s chaos happening at any given time and Dora the Explorer and the Wonder Pets are constantly competing for attention…

Celeste and I arrived at the same time and were met by an ecstatic Emma at the gate, shouting “It’s MOM, it’s MOM! I’m so happy to see you MOM!” Silently I prayed to the gods of Canon and Kodak “please let Emma behave…please let Emma behave!”

And she did…if you exclude the melt down she had when it started raining on her and when she had had enough of schmodelling and just wanted her bottle.

Celeste is AMAZING with the kiddies and got Emma to do things I don’t manage, like sitting still for a few minutes. She had Emma laughing and giggling and looking for ‘little dora’ inside the camera’s lens. What was supposed to be a quick shoot turned into two cups of tea, a cigarette and hysterical laughter…

Thank you once again Nicki for running this awesome giveaway. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

Cilla Bloom Photography is running an awesome promotion for the festive season…it’ll make the perfect gift for friends and family

Cilla Bloom Photography

Can’t wait to see how the pics with Emma turn out

2 thoughts on “Say CHEESE!

  1. What if your pictures are better than mine?? LOVELY post! And if I didn't have a little one to go home to, I might have spent the night!!

    You are even MORE AWESOME in 'real' life xxx

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