Dearest Emma,
Who knew?
Who knew I would be a mommy to a charming, funny, healthy, happy little girl
Who knew that a teeny tiny little person (with abnormally large feet) would make my life so complete
Who knew that I’d be able to sing along to Dora the Explorer, In The Night Garden, Everything’s Rosie and a whole bunch more
Who knew that…
Who knew that I would be able to discuss things like be sharp beetles and monkeynastix…and know what I’m talking about
Who knew I’d be negotiating bath time, dinner time and bedtime with jelly tots, sour worms and lollipops
Who knew I’d be saying things my mother said
Who knew my alarm clock would be enthusiastic slap to the head
Who knew that…
Who knew I’d feel so much for someone so small
Who knew ‘play play’ tea parties could be so much fun
Who knew sand cupcakes could taste so delicious
Who knew sandpits, jumping castles and bubbles would bring me so much joy
Who knew that… 
Who knew that I would happily sit and do nothing but watch my daughter sleep
who knew that I’d feel blessed because I had to wake up several times during the night for a feed or a cuddle or just because Emma wanted me near
Who knew I’d learn life’s most important lessons from a person in diapers
Who knew there’d be naughty steps and corners in our house 
Who knew…
Who knew my favorite brands and labels would be NUK, Chicco and Huggies
Who knew  the colour of poo and projectile vomiting could make for interesting conversations
Who knew that it really is the simple things that mean the most
Who knew that…
Who knew my heart would melt with a simple”I love you mama”
Who knew my cup would runneth over with so many blessings I’d be drinking from the saucer
Who knew that at my poorest my life would still be rich 
Who knew that…

 Who knew that I’d find out what’s important in life, and what’s not
Who knew my life would be blessed with the most amazing, caring, giving, fabulously funny new friends
Who knew I would look at rainbows and clouds differently 
Who knew that…
Who knew jumping in puddles could make you feel better
Who knew blowing bubbles in a cold drink cup could be so much fun
Who knew that there’s wonder in everything around me, from the tiniest little bug to an elephant’s rotund rump
 Who knew? You did Emma

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